Helping you get to market safely

It’s in everyone’s interests that children are adequately protected online and not exposed to unsuitable content. This is what the age-verification requirements of the Digital Economy Act 2017 (DEA) are designed to do.

Under Part 3 of the DEA, all providers of online commercial pornographic material accessible from the UK are required to carry age-verification controls for UK consumers to ensure that their content is not normally accessible to children. Providers must also ensure they do not make extreme pornography (as defined in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008) available to people in the UK.

Guidance and Enforcement

As the Age-verification Regulator, the BBFC is responsible for issuing guidance about age-verification arrangements compliant with s14(1) of the DEA, and guidance on ancillary service providers. When necessary, we may also issue enforcement action against services which do not comply with the DEA.

Our powers include requesting ancillary service providers to withdraw services such as advertising, asking payment service providers to withdraw services, and requiring internet service providers and mobile network operators to block access to non-compliant services.

Our aim is to help keep children safe online and to help you get to market safely and legally, so your content can be accessed and viewed by the widest appropriate audience.

For more information about our approach, actions and standards, click Guidance and FAQs.

At the BBFC, we work with the film and online industries to make sure that everyone - children, parents and other adults - can more easily identify and access suitable content and avoid the unsuitable.