This page will display information about age-verification solutions which have been certified under the Age-verification Regulator's voluntary, non-statutory certification scheme.

In consultation with the Information Commissioner's Office and with support from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, in order to encourage good practice, the BBFC is working with providers of age-verification solutions to develop a voluntary, non-statutory assessment and certification of age-verification solutions.

This voluntary certification scheme will mean that age-verification providers may choose to be independently audited by a third party and then certified by the Age-verification Regulator. The third party’s audit will include an assessment of an age-verification solution’s compliance with strict privacy and data security requirements. When accessing certified age-verification solutions, consumers will find a link which will direct them to this website and a summary of the age-verification provider's third party assessment report, confirming for consumers that the age-verification solution has met the required high standards both in relation to privacy and data security and age-verification.

This is in addition to, and separate from, the Age-verification Regulator's assessment of commercial online pornographic services pursuant to the DEA.